These last five years have been amongst the happiest of my life, and the fellowship, fitness and competition of training and racing have played an enormous part in this time. Your commitment to sport, to swimming, the team culture and to all of us whom you coach has been inspirational, and I wanted to thank you both sincerely for it.
A.S. Open Water Swimmer
Through careful analysis of my technique and stroke, and considered advice, Fenella has shown me not only how to be faster in the water, but also more efficient. Fenella was able to detect problem areas in my swim that I was completely unaware of, and through her suggestions and tips I’ve been able to work on these areas, resulting in not only coming out of the water earlier, but also feeling more confident and fresh. Dare I say I even enjoy the swim now.
D.G. Triathlete
I really appreciate the access to top coaches in HK. Through the technique course and now squad training, they have helped me not only become a stronger swimmer, but someone who enjoys swimming!
R.M. Triathlete
The Video Analysis session with Annemarie was great. Nothing better than seeing myself swim and getting immediate feedback.  Must try!
A.L. Triathlete
I have at last found a program that clicks with me, a program where I am being coached as an individual but allows me to enjoy the dynamics of group training. Sessions are never dull or repetitive, with goals tailored to my needs making each session meaningful and rewarding. Thank you for all your expertise, advice and tips.
B.C. Triathlete
In less than a year, Swim Lab helped me up my swim game: from the Technique Course to completing my first Ironman. Swim Lab’s methods work! The team works with you to get you race ready.
R.C. Triathlete
I have been attending swimming training with AM and Fen for the past 6 years. It’s fun, varied and most definitely makes a difference to my speed and fitness. I never believed I would be able to complete an Ironman swim without drowning but managed it quite comfortably after putting the time in to training – I highly recommend Swim Lab!
K.K. Triathlete
Since working with AM and Fen my swimming and fitness has improved significantly. When I was training for the Hong Kong - Macau swim they helped me to ensure my stroke was more efficient and stroke rate was more consistent. Every session without exception I received feedback and support which was encouraging and assertive.
S.H. Open Water Marathon Swimmer & Record Holder
I’ve been in this program for over three years, and I’ve improved a lot because of the active coaching from Annemarie and Fenella. Our sessions are thoughtfully crafted and varied with both short-term and long-term goals in mind. Our coaches have a keen eye, and will shout out specific comments to help us focus on and correct technique issues. I’ve done two video analysis sessions so far, and I have improved because of them. I recommend Swim Lab to anyone who is interested in swim-fitness, swim competitions and also triathlons. Swim Lab has something to offer any swimmer.
R.K. Triathlete
One of the best, if not THE best team of swim coaches in Hong Kong. Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer, a triathlete, or a novice just getting started, the Swim Lab offers a variety of training, skill work, and planning to meet most people’s short and long term goals. The program also incorporates open water swimming skills in both the pool and open case any of you are planning on training for a triathlon.
T.C. Top AG Triathlete
It is a privilege to be coached by Annemarie and Fenella since late 2012.  When I first joined the training squad, I had zero open water swim experience and was zig zagging off course!   The training has significantly improved my stroke technique, open water skills, swim/general fitness and swim speed.  Over the past three years, I have joined more than 20 open water, aquathon and triathlon races in Hong Kong (with no running background and had never ridden a two-wheel bike until Fenella helped me to get my first bike!), and was Female Overall Winner in over half of them. In 2014, I was awarded Female Open Water Swimmer of the Year by Open Waters Swimmers of Hong Kong.  I couldn’t imagine achieving those results without Annemarie and Fenella. 

Annemarie and Fenella are experts in stroke analysis.  Being only 5 ft tall, I know I need good technique to overcome my height disadvantage.  Hence, I signed up for video analysis session.  After reviewing the slow motion underwater video from different angles, Annemarie quickly pinpointed my mistakes and suggested drills that specifically addressed them.  Her feedback was very easy to understand and I was able to adjust my stroke instantly.  I continue to work on my stroke technique during squad training.

Annemarie and Fenella are passionate about coaching and care for their swimmers.  They want every swimmer to achieve his/her goals. They understand the life of age group athletes, but still manage to get the best out of you at every training.  They create a great sense of community amongst swimmers.  Many members become friends and enjoy each other’s accompany outside the pool.   I have enjoyed every minute training with The Swim Lab.
S.L. HK's Top AG Duathlete
The Swim Clinic on the weekend was phenomenal, an eye opener for us all. I learned more in one morning with you ladies than in the past 30 years of my swimming life, both in HK and overseas. You possess the ability to explain some very technical aspects in a natural and non-intimidating way, inspiring us all with your passion and willingness to share with even the humblest of swimmers. I will be back for more.
A.N. Triathlete
When I started with Swim Lab Asia, I was a complete rookie from swim to bike and run & had never done any triathlons in my life. So I decided to work on my swim with them. Lo and behold, my first session with them, I almost killed myself lol. Now when I looked back after a year with them, my swim technique has changed, my stroke rate is better and I reckon my endurance and speed have also improved. Without their guidance, I wouldn’t have come this far. Needless to say, my fear to swim in the open water has been lessened thanks to these coaches.
E.H. Triathlete
The most beneficial swimming session I have ever had. Thanks to high quality and close up filming of my stroke from different angles, it gave me a good visual reference to my swimming style. Coach Fen spotted mistakes with great precision and explained clearly how faults in the mechanics were causing problems for me. Each imperfection was compared with videos of professional swimmers so I can now visualise their strokes whilst working around my problematic areas. Furthermore, you get a personalized set of drills, with explanation of how to perform them correctly in order to help you overcome specific faults. I was very surprised that after incorporating these suggestions, the changes in my efficiency and speed were felt immediately. The best thing is that it did not require long weeks of swimming for marginal improvements, instead a single session with only 200m of filming followed by stroke correction in the pool made all the difference. In my opinion this is a MUST session for every swimmer, the impact this session gives cannot be achieved by swimming by yourself.
K.G. Triathlete
A friend talked me into joining the Swim Lab program as an alternative to trail running that had taken a toll of me. At the time it seemed a good way to reconnect with a childhood sport, but three years on, it has become part of my fitness regime. Under the guidance of coaches AM, Fen and co, I developed the confidence to swim my first open water race and then swam it again the following year with an improved time. Swim Lab is the only explanation I have for why I would drag myself to the pool before sunrise!
K.T. Fitness Swimmer
Swim Lab coaches have helped me to accomplish great results in the past 6 x 70.3 Ironman and 4x Full ironman races since 2013. My individual 5 km has improved from 1:55 hr with a wetsuit before their coaching to 1:25 hr last year November, without a wet suit. The specific coaching method that covers strength, endurance and technique is planned well ahead each training day. The cardio fitness I achieved has given me a great fitness base for my bike and run too.
M.T. 70.3 World Champ Qualifier
Three aspects make SwimLab stand out for me:
- The close individual attention paid by coaches to each swimmers, both during a session (detailed technique feedback, even in group sessions) and throughout the progression (strong monitoring on progress and setting individual target paces based on it).
- The very high level of skills and experience of the coaches – both as swimmers, and instructors. This really helps them spot the minute technique corrections in each swimmer, and build a well-structured swimming program tailored to each swimmer’s goals.
- Last but not least, the cheerfulness, encouragements and camaraderie they instill in the sessions - it matters a lot, especially during long, tough sets !
P.M. Open Water Swimmer
I’ve been training with The Swim Lab for around 7 years now, and really love the training sessions. They are a great mix of technique drills, intervals and endurance, and I always end the sessions somewhere between “pretty tired” and “totally exhausted”!! The coaching is fabulous, supportive and encouraging but pretty hard to push us on sometimes too, and the focus on technique and specific strategies for open water races has really helped my swimming. I continue to do PBs, which at 46 years old I’m chuffed about, and I’ve gone from being in the middle of the pack in the open water races to in and around the medals.
M.S. Open Water Marathon Swimmer
The Swim Lab program and coaches are amazing and definitely did wonders in improving my swim. I started out as a very slow swimmer and not confident in doing a 1.5k swim for my first triathlon. I turned to Swim Lab (AM and Fen) for help. Since then, my swim speed and technique has improved dramatically, and now I can complete long swims (from 1.9k to 5k) with a respectable time (though still lots to improve!) and I have moved up a few lanes as well! For anyone who is willing to put in the hard work and committed to improving your swim, this is the place!
J.W. Triathlete
The session was a mental positive step change for me. I have been procrastinating swim training for a long time and was pretty scared going into the session, but I emerged feeling fantastic and encouraged (longest swim ever in my life). My perception of swimming has changed so much from only just one session, I can’t imagine what will happen if I continue with this. And the amount of learning I took way from one session was phenomenal. So thank you for that.
L.T. Rookie Triathlete
Fen and A.M are excellent coaches. They know each of our thresholds and personalities and are able to give us key points to focus on, with just the right paces to push further... you can’t hide from their eyes!   Our swim sessions vary a lot and are never boring, and usually come with a few surprises too!  I always feel great when I finish my session.
M.K. Triathlete
Swim Lab has been great for me. When I started, I could barely swim 100m but with patient coaching and hard work I am now enjoying 2km open water swim races and its no longer the weak leg of a triathlon that has to be done to get to the real part!! Thanks coaches Fen, Dick and AM!
D.W. Triathlete