Technique Course

These monthly courses are effectively our "pre-squad" and are ideally suited for those that already know how to swim freestyle, but need some technical input and guidance on proper stroke mechanics, breathing, learning to read a training set, as well as needing a bit more time to build up a base level of swimming fitness. 

Having coaches like Annemarie and Fenella makes everything seem possible. Not only are their sessions precise, professional and highly challenging, their feedback is spot on and improvement comes very naturally. In very little time I went from a doggie-paddler to a free-styler, and loved the process!
V.dM Fitness Swimmer, Mum of 4

The concept of this program is to cover each area of basic freestyle mechanics via drills and skills that build on each other week by week to enhance development. Swimmers are encouraged to work at their own pace and will receive feedback on their stroke while they are swimming along.  This is achieved via a headset fitted to each participant that is wired up to the Coach so that the Coach can talk to you while you are swimming, offering immediate feedback in real time.  You will be able to hear the coach loud and clear and can fully concentrate on perfecting your stroke while you are swimming.  

Each Technique Course consists of 4 x 60min sessions and start at the beginning of the month.  At the end of the Course, participants will be informed whether they should continue with another Course, move into our Improver Squad, or move into our regular Training Squads.

With a max of 9 participants, we are able to provide a supportive environment with the ability to give everybody attention.   


Swimmers must be able to swim something resembling freestyle for at least 100m without stopping.  Speed is not an issue. Distance, other than 100m is not an issue.  

Front Mount Snorkel & Fins required


HK$1750 for 4 x 60min weekly sessions.  15% Early Bird pricing is available, check the cut off for each course.  Deadline for sign ups is the Friday before the Course is due to start.  Minimum of 5 swimmers required for each Course to go ahead.

The session was a mental positive step change for me. I have been procrastinating swim training for a long time and was pretty scared going into the session, but I emerged feeling fantastic and encouraged (longest swim ever in my life). My perception of swimming has changed so much from only just one session, I can’t imagine what will happen if I continue with this. And the amount of learning I took way from one session was phenomenal. So thank you for that.
L.T Rookie Triathlete

Our Technique Courses have been FULLY BOOKED every month since April 2017. 
Please sign up early to avoid disappointment.